What To Pack For A Day Trip With A Baby In Bali

A day trip with a baby in Bali can be super fun and we have had some amazing adventures together! However we have also had some super avoidable meltdowns whilst on day trips! These are our best tips and everything that you’ll want to pack for your little one on a well prepared day trip.

Ollie playing on the beach on a bali day trip

Bali Day Trip With A Baby Tips

Tip 1

For a day trip in Bali, we suggest hiring a private car and driver for the day. In Bali you can usually get one for a full day (10 hours) which runs at about $50 AUD for the day. This means you don’t have to wait around for taxi’s or gojeks. Plus if your little one falls asleep in the car, you are able to hang in the aircon whilst they catch some Z’s. Some companies will even provide a baby seat so have a bit of an ask around.

Tip 2

When planing your day trip, make sure you plan the longer drives between places around nap time. This means you don’t need to stress about day naps whilst they *hopefully* nap in the car!

Tip 3

Loads of places don’t have baby change areas so you’ll have to make the most of the back of the car for quickly changing nappies between stops. Just make sure to have your baby change mat with you and you are good to go.

Ollie on a bali day trip in ubud

What To Pack For A Day Trip

Clothing and essentials



2x Tshirt and shorts

Sandals or thongs


Oliver in his haat -live life and roam

Food and Drink

Milk (if not breastfeeding) – long life full cream milk (stays good outside of the fridge or formula mixed with bottled.

Any snacks that your little one enjoys, Ollie likes:

Rice or corn crackers

Fruit bars

Fresh Fruit

Bring at least 4 litres of water for everyone

Eating utensils and bowl

Oliver Eating - Live life and roam

Baby Care

Diaper bag

Changing mat

Sunscreen for baby SPF50+

Nappies we usually take 8-10

Baby rash cream

Baby wipes

Re-sealable bags (for wet clothes and soiled nappies)

Hand sanitizer

Mosquito repellent


splishsplash Oliver playing - Live Life and Roam


Buckets and spades

Small ball

Favorite toys and stuffed animals


We found that’s on day trips having toys gave Ollie something to do whilst we were waiting for food or stuck in traffic.

Ollie playing in the sand

If this short guide helped you at all make sure to check out our ultimate guide for travelling Bali with a toddler!

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