Top 15 Most Instagrammable Food Spots in Bali

Our go-to guide for all you Instagram and food lovers, a pairing that usually goes hand in hand! This guide covers from the trendy Seminyak and it’s amazing eat out spots to the more chilled and relaxed Ubud. We’ve got you covered from every end of the spectrum from over the top raw/vegan/organic smoothie bowls to over the top burgers!BossBurger



It’s no wonder the bulk of our restaurant recommendations in our list are located in Seminyak, its a foodies paradise. Its a buzzing hub of amazing cafes on every corner, and really you’d have to be unlucky to choose a bad place. But here are some of our standouts!


Ling Lings

I’m not exaggerating when I say this was perhaps one of the best meals of my entire life. Think tapas fused with Japanese and then fused with western and you have Ling Lings. This place looks awesome and comes with probably the friendliest and happiest staff you will ever meet! Complete with sweet decor and insane food spreads this place will be sure to keep everybody happy. The idea of the menu is to order lots of small dishes, and I think we sampled the entire menu. It was that good! Think cheeseburger spring rolls (we may have had two plates of these they were that good), Mac & Cheese dumplings and a plethora of sushi offerings as well as insanely good Bao. I’m literally craving this place writing this. Also, these guys have some pretty cool happy hours deals to win your drinks by rolling a dice!


Strawberry Fields

Holy moly this place was epic. I’d been wanting to check Strawberry fields out for ages and it did not let me down. This open-air place has a really chill vibe with vines and plants growing everywhere making for some pretty dope insta shots wherever you’re seated. Even the bathroom has been curated for Instagram and you could get lost in the toilet cubicles staring at all the awesome pictures over the walls and roof. This is a burger bar with a twist offering a whole range of other things like vitality bowls to satay chicken. Paige and I, self-confessed burger lovers will usually get two burgers and cut them in half so as to be able to sample burger menus better. The ‘Oporto Escondido’ a Portuguese chicken burger and the ‘Blame Bieber’ – a beef burger with poutine, did not disappoint. Also be sure to grab the Mac n Cheese bites!


Motel Mexicola

Motel Mexico has gained somewhat of a cult following and this place is busy busy busy! We arrived at 7 pm and got the last table and watched as group after group got turned away, so BE SURE TO BOOK! This place is all about Mexican, from the drinks to the food to the decor. Inside is like a blast to the senses as rushes of neon and colour adorn the walls and you feel like your in some crossover between Mexico and Las Vegas. We sampled their entire taco menu and were not disappointed! The only minus about this place is that their drinks are crazy expensive, come on guys we’re not in Ibiza! Other than that this place rocks into the early hours as a popular hangout drinking spot.


Bossman Burger / Sisterfields

Boss Burger is a bit of a routine for me to grab a burger from, just so happens that Sisterfields is next-door and owned by the same people. So you can mix and match what you eat from the two places. We grabbed some burgers with their signature truffle parmesan fries but then balanced out the bad with some smoothies from Sisterfields. Sisterfields do really good quality, photo-worthy great tasting food and have a nice cool outdoor eating deck area.


Cafe Organic

We actually ate here twice due to its organic super fresh and healthy menu, just what we needed after the burgers. Now, I am a diehard carnivore so was a bit shocked to not see any meat options but was actually pretty impressed with what everyone got! They have a huge range of coffees/bowls/smoothies/salads and more. You can even get blue, pink of black coffees or neon blue smoothie bowls! This place was packed both times we went and it really has something going for it.


Coffee Cartel

You’d struggle to even believe your in Bali when visiting here aside from the staff and the rice fields across the road. This place is super modern and clean dishing out gourmet goodness and decent coffee (a rarity in Asia believe me!). Their twists on coffees available and healthy but yum food makes this place a must visit in our eyes. Seriously the food was really really good!



Kynd Community has become a go-to amongst influencers the world over and it’s easy to see why. This place focuses on ‘showing you just how good plant-based food really tastes’. Everything is photo worthy from the food to the walls down to the cutlery even! Top tip is to try out their Dragon Bowl, which they even can create your name in the bowl with fruit pieces!


Sea Circus

Another ‘insta famous’ spot is Sea Circus for their super colourful mural and their delectable food and drink offerings. Their mantra “Some days we drink coconut lattes and eat scrambled vegan tofu. On other days we indulge in tasty tacos and drink way too many margaritas… we’re all about that #balance.”




La Ramona

This place was a standout unexpected great find. After reaching a point of overeating Indonesian food we searched out something different. A Tapas fusion type restaurant that had no street frontage and felt like a dive bar, dark and dingy with obscure artwork on the walls. To be honest we felt hesitant but had no need to. The food here was absolutely amazing and the vibe of the place actually added so much to its character! Tip, get the lamb pita it was the bomb!


Casa Luna

Casa luna located in the heart of ubud serves a wide range of food in a nice cool setting. They offer cooking classes which apparently are awesome. Their food was a step above a lot of what we had been eating and we absolutely loved it here that we came back twice. Also serves decent coffees and bakery items.



This was a bit of a random find for us that turned out to be awesome! Seeing our accommodation was slightly out of town the owner suggested a nearby venue about 5 minutes walk away that was part of a villa complex. We entered a lush tropical oasis with a huge range of seating options from under covered huts to beside water features, this place was really cool! Absolutely delicious food and did we mention cheap as well! Definitely add it to the list of your nearby!


Clear Cafe

Clear cafe is a igers paradise from the awesome spinning circular entrance door to the multi-level oasis. This place dishes out very very vegan food and has a whole page of raw food even. We passed on the food but if your into that sort of thing I’m sure it would be awesome, we settled for reviving ourselves with some smoothies.


Sari Organic

This place is a welcome respite after the Campuhan ridge walk. Its a tropical oasis snuggled in the rice fields with amazing views and serving decent fare.




This is an old favourite from my days of visiting with family. Its cheap, well portioned and delicious western/Indonesian cuisine located overlooking Kuta beach. Perfect place to sip a beer or cocktail with a meal and watch the magnificent Bali sunsets. Also has an infinity pool and nightly Balinese dance performances that even try and get the patrons involved.



In my early traveller days as a poor backpacker, this used to be my go-to re feeding destination. At just $5 per person for an all you can eat buffet it was hard to pass up, especially when this was including a range of bbq meats and different nightly specials. Now its slightly changed to $10 pp all you can eat but also all you can drink (which makes it slightly less appealing to me seeing I was there to eat and couldn’t fit in any drinks anyway!) This place gets insanely busy and is pretty cool in terms of a rooftop bar. Its located on the top level of a massive multi-story nightclub hosting some of the worlds best Dj’s.


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