Things to do in Canggu with Kids, a Baby or Toddler

Honestly, Canggu with kids is a great idea. You might think of Canggu as an area full of hip cafes, trendy bars and beach clubs. Places that would suit the young adult scenes more than your family vibe. We are here to spread the word and share the reasons why we had such a good time as a family. We based ourselves in Canggu for a month whilst travelling and exploring Bali and fell in love!

There is such a variety of places and things to do with young little ones or older preteen or teenagers. We had way too much fun and made some truly amazing memories we get to cherish forever. Although we would love to keep this place to ourselves, we also love sharing things with you all. Here is a list of some fun family places and activities. I’ve even added some that we didn’t do but would love to try once Ollie is older.

Canggu with Kids

Beach Activities

You’ll find so many beautiful beaches in Bali, with Canggu home to some of the best! We loved all the times spent hanging down at different beaches, building sandcastles and swimming. You’ll find loads of cafes and restaurants lining the top of the beach, they even have sunbeds and shade umbrellas you can rent! Time is never wasted when spending it at the beach. Tip: Don’t stress if you didn’t bring beach toys, we grabbed a bucket and spade set from a stall on the way to the beach for only IDR 20,000 so AUD $2.

Ollie playing on the beach on a bali day trip

Play, Learn & Explore at Parklife

Parklife is the new dreamland for kids and parents alike! With a mix of an indoor and outdoor playground, kids club, cafe, and even a co-working space, all open from 8 am-9 pm every day!  There are group activities and classes like robotics, science experiments, dance classes and that’s just a few. They even have sensory play classes for toddlers or drama classes where they play dress ups. All of the classes are at 2 pm and different days have different classes. So make sure you check their website for details. You don’t even have to worry about the little ones getting in the way of the older kids, because there are all different areas and experiences for all ages.

They even offer supervised childcare for children over 3. If they are under 3, you will need to supervise the whole time – however, you won’t get bored of playing as there is so much to do! They haven’t forgotten about us adults either. They have different events and activities including happy hour, social club, parties and even educational talks. Winning! It’s free for babies under 1 otherwise, IDR 150,000 per child so that’s AUD 1$5, once you have entered you can stay as long as you like. They have loads of options Single Pass Entry to Monthly Passes are available.

Finn’s Beach Club: relax and swim

Yes, the name Finn’s Beach Club makes you think of a young party-goers hot spot, however, our experience was different! It might seem like an unlikely place to hang out and relax with the family, but that is just what we did. The location is fantastic with a stunning view of the sunset. We were catered to with the utmost care, luxury and peace of mind around the Gazebo Pool. There is an abundance of day beds that surround the pool area ensuring you can swim, drink, eat, relax and recline with your little ones.

They offer loads of benefits if you are in the VIP section (minimum spend) such as refreshments, cooling sprays and portable charger borrowing. Ollie loved dancing to the music whilst the staff are all beautiful and loved hanging, dancing and chatting to Ollie. You can even access the beach and swap back and forth. Bouncers and security are watching the whole area so you can rest assured knowing your belongings are safe. We received VIP access to Finns Beach Club via our Fins Rec Club memberships and would highly recommend it! We spent so much time here over our month in Bali and we loved every minute.

Bounce Bali Trampoline Centre

Hello trampoline land! Bounce is an indoor air-con kid paradise. Fantastic not just as a break from outdoor water activities and sun adventures but also during the rainy season when its wet. It’s not just full of trampolines, it’s also got foam pit, dodge game, basketball hoop and more. The place is huge and is fun for all ages, yes even for us parents! Who doesn’t want them jumping around for an hour or so wearing themselves out so that they are tired and ready for bed! A  jumping pass is IDR 100,000 so AUD$10 and that covers 1 hour. Tip: You must have Bounce no-slip jumper socks IDR 20,000 so AUD$2.

Find Rec Club: Splash Waterpark

While in Bali we stayed behind Finns Recreation Club in an Airbnb and had passes to access the Rec Club and all its facilities. The waterpark is situated inside the club. We spent loads of time using the massive swimming pool and got Ollie super confident in the water. Unfortunately, while we were there the Splash Park was under renovation so we actually can’t tell you much about it. The place did look super fun with lots of rides and attractions. We can imagine kids of all ages and parents could easily spend days enjoying themselves here, We would have loved to! On a positive note, we are excited to come back next time we are in Bali and see what the place looks like after the renovation has finished.

Marigold Cafe playground

The perfect spot to bring the whole family. Where to even start with Marigold? The place was amazing it had a cute little grassed area lined with marigold flowers overlooking rice fields, Lush! Whilst the inside made you feel instantly relaxed. It seemed like an ideal spot to bring a laptop and get some work done. They had a super cool kids playground and loads of grassed area for the little ones to let off steam. It also has an arts and craft corner where one of the amazing staff hung out distracting Ollie so that we could hang out and enjoy our coffees.  They also had such a great kids menu. Best of all they even gave Ollie his own plastic kids cutlery and cup, he honestly screamed so much when we finally had to leave!

Marigold Canggu

Strike Bowling

It’s no secret James and I are very competitive. We bowled whilst I was pregnant and because we got so heated about the final score we didn’t talk to each other for a whole day. Mostly because I wanted a rematch and James wanted to save money (he was scared I would beat him). Anyways we were super excited to visit strike bowling to have a rematch and to also help Ollie roll some balls down the alley. Of course, he needed the bumpers and the help of a ramp but we think he had a blast anyways. They have everything you need and all shoe sizes and different weighted balls for all ages. Per person, it’s IDR 75,000 so AUD$7.50 per hour. Tip: bring socks!

Balinese Dancing at Desa Seni

To get the kids into the Balinese spirit we would highly suggest visiting the cute Balinese local girls at Desa Sari. There they practice many different traditional dances and yes they even wear their colourful ceremonial dresses. It’s a truly beautiful sight! This usually takes place at 2 pm and sometimes there are as many as 15 girls gracefully practising many different moves, some imitate animals like butterflies. Ollie being a massive fan of all things music and dance loved the whole thing. I’m not sure who loved who more the girls or Ollie.  We would highly recommend checking it out, especially since it won’t cost you a thing to enjoy such a wonderful experience.

Warm Baby - Bali with a toddler - Live life and roam

Milk n Madu playground

Yes, this is a place to grab a yummy coffee and a bite to eat but it’s also equipped with a super cool playground. We loved having breakfast here. The iced lattes with coconut milk were amazing and the quality of food was a standout! Almost as much as the playground and kids activities. We would suggest kids under 3 to be monitored by a parent. They even had someone painting faces! Great spot to let the kids be kids.

Milk & Madu Playground

While researching things to do before coming to Canggu, we found a few activities that looked super fun however not age-appropriate for Ollie we thought we would add them in so If your kids are older and you think they might enjoy these activities you can check them out.

Surf school

Bali is well known for its stunning beaches and amazing surf spots. There are loads of surfing schools to choose from. All usually offering private or group lessons. You can even join in and help your little ones or watch from the sidelines and enjoy the beach. You can go with big-name companies otherwise there are lots of local surfers on the beach willing to give you a lesson. Just walk along the beach and they will find you, trust us!

Ollie playing in the sand

Take them horse riding

Yes to our surprise, Bali even has an Equestrian Centre. We all know someone obsessed with horses and if that’s your kiddo (or you!), then this is the place for you! There’s also quite a few companies that offer horse riding on the beach, oh so bucket list worthy!

Bali Equestrian Centre

Music School

Do your kids love music? Why not try them out with a class or two. Ensiklomusika Music School offers the opportunity to learn many different instruments and even vocal lessons. They will even come to your hotel or villa and teach you. Why not even join in on the fun, who knows this could be the start of a family band.

Ensiklomusika Music School

Jewellery Classes

For a fun and creative hands-on activity, your little ones might like to try their skills in the art of jewellery making. A well practised skill in Bali and a super fun unique holiday activity!

Canggu Jewelry Classes

Chocolate making classes

Who wouldn’t want to know how those simple little bean turns into mouth-watering chocolate. Anyone would enjoy a workshop that involves chocolate making and then eating!

Primo Chocolate Shop

Rock climbing

If you are constantly losing your kids up a tree, this is the place for them to let loose embrace their inner monkey!  Let them challenge themselves and climb in a safe environment.

Bali Climbing Bouldering Gym Canggu

We hope you get a chance to try a few of these activities and visit some of these super fun spots in Canggu with kids, babies or toddlers. If we have missed anything please let us know.  Feel free to drop a comment below, we would love to hear about your experiences and are here to help you with any questions you might have!

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Things to do in canggu with kids a baby or toddler


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