The Best Things To Do In Ubud With A Baby Or Toddler

If you find yourself visiting Bali with a baby or toddler we highly recommend a visit to the beautiful Ubud. You’ll find so many different and unique things to see and do. It’s pretty much located in the centre of Bali and it gives you a wonderful feel for the area and a closer insight to the old Bali. It’s a great contrast to the other parts of Bali, with a chilled out hippy vibe and loads of beautiful waterfalls and lush rice terraces. We have put together a list of things we loved doing with our toddler and why you will love Ubud with your baby too!

We stayed in Ubud for 4 days. There are lots of spots you can walk to and for the ones you can’t we would recommend visiting with a car. We hired a private car and driver for 500,000 IDR for 10 hours so $50 AUD. This way you can start super early and hit the popular spots before they get too hot and busy. We did a few places that were close together and planned the drives to further away spots around Ollie’s nap times.

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What to do in Ubud with a Baby or Toddler

Tegallalang Rice Terraces

With no surprise, the main attraction here in Ubud would have to be their stunning rice terraces and some of the best ones at located at Tegallalang. To reach Tegalalang it’s around 25 min from Ubud central. The whole layout and area are breathtaking, we would suggest going for sunrise as the place turns into a crazy tourist trap the later you arrive.

We also want to give you the heads up that these fields have turned into a quick cash machine for the locals. Some spots will have an extra cost to walk into and you might also find locals offering props or to pose with you in photos (these are not free). There are also some viewing spots which cost a fee to take a photo at. Be careful of where you point your camera as they might assume you took one of them and ask for money. Don’t let this scare you off. The locals really aren’t that pushy and this didn’t happen to us as we went at sunrise and most people are on island time. The only thing we paid for whilst visiting was a donation to one of the farmers 10,000 IDR ($1 AUD) to cross his land and we also paid to borrow a man’s woven Balinese hat and rice baskets for around the same price. We loved the walk and watching the sunrise burst through the trees flooding the rice terraces with stunning colours.

Tip: Definitely wear good shoes as the stairs are steep and pathways can be wet and muddy.

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Campuhan Ridge Walk

Campuhan Ridge walk should definitely be at the top of your list of things to do whilst in Ubud. We had been here before however wanted to take Ollie and share the experience with him. Just because you have a baby shouldn’t scare you off this awesome Ubud attraction. The whole walk is a paved path that starts on the east side of the Pura Gunung Lebah temple. If you google Warwick Ibah Luxury villas the walk starts about 100m left of the entrance. You will see a set of stairs that veers off to the right over the river. It’s actually a pretty cool spot and unlike the usual rice terrace fields, it’s lined with lush jungle and forest. Each time we have come we have thoroughly enjoyed the walk, Ollie even made a few little friends along the way most of them without fur.

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If your kids are a little older they will find the walk pretty easy to do, Ollie managed to walk little parts whilst holding one of our hands. The start is a bit of a climb though so be prepared, nothing too drastic but you will break a sweat. We would recommend doing the walk early morning or late afternoon as it is pretty exposed to the elements and gets hot quickly – definitely bring a water bottle. It also gets super busy but if you wait long enough you will get a break in the foot traffic. You may also get lucky like us and have a local offer their dog up for a photoshoot. Not that he had a choice because Ollie wouldn’t leave the dog alone.

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Pondok Pekak Library

Sometimes after a few crazy outdoor activities, you could be looking for something to do inside that’s quiet and entertaining for the kids. The Ubud library is right in the centre of town and perfect for those times. To locate the library just head to the local football field, it’s on the corner of Jl. Monkey Forest and Jl. Dewi Sita. You’ll find the library close to the halfway line, look for the blue archway. The library was originally set up for ex-pats around the area in need of a good read. It has a massive variety of books for young and old. It is open to ex-pats, tourists and locals.

This place isn’t just for book worms, they offer many different actives and loads are based around the Balinese culture. They offer wood carving, silver making, painting, Bahasa language lessons, traditional music lessons, fruit carving and Balinese dancing lessons. There is no strict schedule for classes- just let them know, pick a class and a time and they will get the instructors in. We definitely thought the music class looked like the most fun for little kids. There are refreshing drinks and yummy local food at the cafe and also free wifi throughout the premises if you need to bring the kids and get some work done. The perfect hangout in Ubud to bring your baby or toddler!

Tegenungan Waterfall

This waterfall is a short drive from Ubud, located in Tegenungan Kemenuh village. We had been here twice and heard some people say that the walk down and up would be a mission with a baby or toddler. However we found it pretty easy. I even did the walk the first time 8 months pregnant with Ollie. The path and stairs aren’t crazy small so If you need to stop and catch your breath so you can continue that’s totally fine. There are even cool nests to sit in that make for nice photo opportunities and many other photo spots along the way. You can always attempt to get down there and if it’s too hard you can come back and view the waterfall from the top. Once down by the waterfall, there are a few platforms to pose for a photo under the waterfall spilling out from the tall cliff. We loved relaxing down the bottom and watching everyone pose for their photos.

The entrance cost was 10,000 IDR so $1 AUD. We would suggest the kids wear protective shoes and to bring swimmers and a towel. Even if you don’t want to swim we would say bring a towel because chances are you will get some spray from the waterfall. There are toilets and the top and bottom of the waterfall. And yes, like most places in Bali you need a small donation to use them, they aren’t western toilets so you be prepared to squat.

Tegenungan Waterfall - Live life and roam

Tukad Cepung Waterfall

We loved visiting this hidden cave waterfall! It’s located on the northeast side just 1-hour drive outside Ubud and is a must-see waterfall when visiting Bali. Worth the drive! Once you arrive the parking is free and it’s about a 15 minute walk down to the waterfall through a cool jungle track, there are some stairs and the last part of the walk is through a small river bed. It’s not deep usually may be up to your ankles however if it’s been raining we would imagine it would be deeper to walk through maybe around your knees make sure you bring shoes you can slip on and off easily.

Our favourite part of this waterfall was how unique it was because of the beautiful sun rays that beam through the opening. Its definitely makes for an Instagram hot spot and great photo opportunity. Ollie thought the waterfall was pretty cool but what he loved most was playing in the river bed, he had a blast! The best time to catch these sun rays would be between 9.30 am-11.30 am. The entry fee is only 15.000 IDR so $1.50 AUD. The only thing to keep in mind is that the river bed might have rocks that you cannot see so travel with care.

Tip: You might need to consider bringing a waterproof bag to protect valuables and definitely make sure you bring swimmers and a towel.

Tukad Cepung Waterfall - Ubud with a baby or toddler - Live Life and Roam_

Ubud Market

Who doesn’t love a good market? We loved exploring around Ubud’s busy market. It’s located in the centre of town. Now it’s definitely marketed towards tourists however we still enjoyed our time roaming around and shuffling past other tourists, looking for a unique trinket or two to bring home. I bought a cute open back red dress that I love. I’m not that best bargainer so I kind of felt I paid too much for it, however its all part of the fun. We would suggest asking them to offer a price first. And 1/4 whatever price they offer you. That’s a good starting point.

Ollie was busy making friends with a lady at her stall playing with her and all the toys. He quickly became obsessed with her and a traditional drum she had for sale. She even wanted a photoshoot together. When we were trying to walk away without buying it for him he looked so sad. The lady at that stage begged us to wait and ran into the back room to retrieve a mini version of the drum for him! It was a little damaged and couldn’t be sold but still in working order, she insisted he have it and he loved it. The layout of the market can be super confusing and it’s easy to get lost so keep your little ones close.

Ubud Art Market - Live Life and Roam

Kanto Lampo waterfall

This waterfall isn’t one of the best known, however, we would still suggest going early like we did at around 8.30 am. We were the only people at the waterfall that’s probably why we enjoyed it that little bit more. It wasn’t overcrowded and we didn’t have to line up to take a photo, which is rare these days when it comes to waterfalls! It’s located just outside of Ubud around a half-hour drive, the parking is free however the entrance fee is 15.000 IDR so $1.50 AUD. Once you arrive it’s an easy 5-10 minute walk down some stairs to the waterfall.

Ollie enjoyed seeing the chickens and stoping to have a swing on the swing on the way down. Once you arrive at the waterfall, you do need to get into the water to get the best view. Trust us it’s worth it! You can leave your stuff on the rocks beside the waterfall to keep them away from the water. There is usually a guy down there that helps you get down and offers to help take a photo (probably for a charge). However, we didn’t need help and had James’s wonderful sister help us take a photo. Please be careful and take your time when you climb down the rocks into the water as they can be quite slippery, going barefoot would be easier.

Tip: You might need to consider bringing a waterproof bag to protect valuables and definitely make sure you bring swimmers and a towel. We read everywhere that the best time to visit is dry season April-September yet we visited in November and it was perfect. It really depends on how much it has rained as the river levels may make it difficult to properly access.

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Bali Fun World

It’s no secret that Ubud and Bali, in general, don’t have loads of playgrounds. So when we heard about this spot we had to check it out. The open hours are from 10 am until 4 pm. We almost didn’t come as we had read while researching that it was pretty expensive for tourists and some people didn’t find it very clean, however, turns out it’s free for under 18 month olds! We found the cleaning standards were great and we knew Ollie would enjoy himself as he hadn’t played with many toys since we started travelling.

Bali Fun World is an indoor kids activity centre about 25-30 minutes by car or motorcycle from Ubud depending on traffic. It’s pretty much a huge warehouse filled with many decent sized jumping castles and a huge slide, play area with multiple levels, a huge ball pit and a fenced-off section for little ones with age-appropriate toys. The cost per person is usually 200,000 IDR or $20 AUD. Yes like we said a fair bit more than we would usually spend however we hardly fork out money for this kind of thing especially while travelling and even babies deserve an extra treat while on holidays.


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Ubud Monkey Forest

The Ubud monkey forest is located in the town. Now we know your thinking because we added this into the blog we would be telling you about our wonderful experience here. Sorry to disappoint you but we never made it to the monkey forest. Although Ollie is obsessed with monkeys and when we say obsessed we mean it! His first animal sound was a monkey, his comfort teddy is a monkey and his favourite food is banana! After weighing up the pros and cons and our experience with the monkeys at the Uluwatu temple we decided against going to the Ubud monkey forest. At the Uluwatu temple, we watched an unpredictable monkey jump out of a tree and try to grab a little boy being carried by his mum! But if you decide to go, don’t take any food and keep your valuables close as the monkeys steal everything from hats, sunnies, phones and even wallets! The entrance fee for adults is 80,000 IDR so $8 AUD  and children 60,000 IDR or $6 AUD.

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Coffee Plantation

There are many different coffee plantations to visit we have been to two different ones and they were both very similar. It wasn’t what we had expected and felt like more of a coffee and tea museum, you are greeted by a tour guide who very quickly walked us through the coffee, herb and fruit plants.  Many of which they add to the teas, you also learn about the process of creating coffee and the Luwak wildcats and the ‘poo’ coffee they create. We did feel a bit weird about the fact that the Luwaks were locked up in small cages for our viewing.

How could wildcats be helpful in creating coffee? Yes, what you may have heard is true. It specifically eats the best coffee beans then part-digests the coffee cherries, after which point it poo’s out the coffee beans.  These beans are thankfully cleaned and placed in the sun to dry out then they go through the usual roasting and grinding process. Such a puzzling concept and who the hell thought to try this in the first place?

After the tour, you then get to try the poo coffee and also different types and flavours off tea. They give you a list of the flavours and the order however we thought it was fun to taste them and try and guess what ones they were. We even bought a bag of mangosteen tea it was delicious! It’s a pretty cost-effective activity for the family, the tour, as well as the taste testing, are free. We didn’t taste the Luwak Coffee (poo coffee) as it was 50.000 IDR a cup so $5 AUD.

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Kemenuh Butterfly Park

I’m sure you have all heard of the Bali Butterfly Park however have you heard of it’s lesser known cousin the Kemenuh Butterfly Park. Well, they are not actually related but we really liked Kemenuh as it’s not as well known, less busy and pretty much the same thing a lush tropical garden filled with beautiful butterflies just in a smaller space. I am (Paige) mad about butterflies and they seemed to really fascinate Ollie so that’s a plus. Some of them are huge and if you are lucky enough they might even land on you. Lucky for them they didn’t land on Ollie who doesn’t yet realise his own strength. However, he enjoyed watching them flap around and exploring the garden.

It’s actually a great place for kids to learn all about the cycle of life for butterflies and other insects. Tickets are not on the cheap side when it comes to Bali prices, but you do score a free juice with your entry fee. It’s 100,000 IDR so 10AUD for adults, and 50,000 so $5 AUD for children, unless they’re under 2 then it’s free.  It’s super family friendly and most parts are even accessible with a pram.

Tip: If you are visiting the Tegenungan Waterfall this butterfly haven is super close by so definitely stop in.

Image Credit: Kemenuh Butterfly Park

Tirta Empul Temple

Also known as the Holy Water Temple, this is very special to the Balinese, so much so it is listed as a national cultural heritage site. No surprise this temple is dedicated to the Hindu God of water. You will find it located in the village of Manukaya not too far from Ubud. It’s a magical place to explore, there are springs, baths, and pools and it is open to everyone, including tourists. The holy water is believed to be able to purify the body and soul of people who bath or shower in the pools. As you exit there is even a large pool filled with koi fish. We loved the experience and so will you! Even the late US President, Barack Obama, visited this holy site with his family whilst holidaying In Bali! To visit the temple is 15,000 rupiah per person so $1.50 AUD.

Tip:  It’s a sacred site so you have to wear a sarong! Bring your own if you have one however don’t stress because you can rent a sarong for a small donation at the entrance.

Image Credit: Discover Your Indonesia

Saraswati Temple

We enjoyed this temple in the midst of the hustle and bustle of ubud! You’ll step away from the street into a paradise, no more crowds and loud honking vehicles. You’ll find a beautiful temple surrounded by water lillies Also known as Ubud water palace, it is one of the easiest temples to visit in ubud as it’s on the Main Street of town. It could be tricky to find however if you google the Lotus Pond Restaurant you’ll find the temple tucked up behind the restaurant. We loved this temple and found it such a peaceful place to explore. With a $0 entrance fee, we would suggest treating yourself by grabbing a coffee from the Starbucks to the side of the temple and enjoying a tranquil morning wander. If you’re not a morning person they often have dance performance at night so that’s something cool you could check out.

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Ubud Yoga Centre

Yes, this is a blog about things to do with babies and toddlers. However I love yoga, Ollie loves a place full of toys and James loves coffee plus a space to get some work done. The yoga centre covered us all with the bonus of good wifi and aircon. Ollie was able to play in their kid’s zone and have a blast, James got some work done whilst watching Ollie play via the glass window in a completely enclosed area. I got my yoga fix. Thus it seems a great addition of places to visit in Ubud with a baby!

They have a large variety of classes some I’d never even heard of before and even have a class on Saturday’s that parents and kids can do together. Single classes cost $130.000 so $13 AUD, they also have the option to get weekly and monthly unlimited class packages and all classes must be pre-registered. Tip: Even if you’re not into yoga or pilates you can make use of the play area and cafe. They have a minimum spend of 100,000 IDR so $10 AUD on food and drink purchases in order to play and make uses of facilities.

Ubud Yoga Centre -

Image Credit: Ubud Yoga Centre

We hope this helps you plan a wonderful visit to ubud with a baby! Please comment below if you have any questions or even any suggestions for the next time we visit the beautiful Ubud! Looking for more tricks on travelling Bali with a baby or toddler? Check out this blog!

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