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The Best Beaches on the Mornington Peninsula

As locals, we know all the hidden gem beaches on the Mornington Peninsula to send you to that nobody else will tell you about! And we promise you will not be let down. Although we may regret putting up our favourite swimming holes, we think these places seriously deserve to be seen. From beaches with secret entrances winding through dense bush to the Mediterranean like golden cliffs. The Mornington Peninsula has it all…and arguably some of the best beaches in the world.

The Best Beaches on the Mornington Peninsula

Birdrock Beach

This is by far our favourite beach on the entire Mornington Peninsula. Unless you were told, you would definitely drive past Birdrock Beach and have absolutely no idea. A small pull in to the side of the road surrounded by trees cleverly hides this absolute gem of a place. A short boardwalk then winds through the native bush, offering glimpses through the trees of Port Phillip Bay. Once you reach the edge of the cliff, a picturesque staircase makes its way down to the golden sand beach. With both ends of the beach enclosed by rocks and the cliffs behind you, it feels incredibly remote and secluded.

It’s hard to believe this is 2 minutes away from some of the busiest beaches on the Peninsula, yet so much better! The water here is calm and gets deep gradually.  Itis the ideal family beach or for those looking to soak up the sun. Because of the length of the beach, you are sure to find a large space all to yourself.

Birdrock Beach, Mornington Peninsula

Diamond Bay

At the end of a dirt road, you will find a walking track heading up a short hill. You are then presented with the incredible view of Diamond Bay, a secluded beach surrounded by towering sandstone cliffs. Protected by a reef and rocky shelf this beach is often quite calm for the surf side of the Peninsula. From the top of the stairs looking down the water glistens the most enticing shade of blue. You could easily spend an afternoon here as there are several short walks along the cliff tops that showcase the incredible Bay of Islands and other beaches. The entire Diamond Bay area reminded us of a much quieter Great Ocean Road.

Diamond Bay - The Best Beaches on the Mornington Peninsula

Bridgewater Bay & Blairgowrie Jumping Rock

Bridgewater Bay is on the ocean side of the Peninsula but is quite sheltered. The main drawcard here is the awesome limestone rock formations and the countless rockpools. One rock, in particular, is known as the Blairworie Jumping Rock. A popular spot with locals looking for a thrill. The rock will often have a queue of people waiting to jump. This tiered rock features three jump spots increasing in height up to seven metres. This freefall jump lands into a three-meter deep rockpool (regardless of the tide). As always use your own judgement and be careful! The rock pools here are regarded as some of the best on the entire Peninsula and there are lots of caves and coves to explore.

Blairgowrie Jumping Rock _ Best beaches on the mornington peninsula

The Pillars

Ok, so this may not be a hidden gem anymore and is very well known secret, but there is a reason why. The Pillars are spectacular. Picture tiered levels of golden coloured sandstone overlooking the glistening turquoise water. You will feel as if you are somewhere in Portugal, with avid beachgoers spread out all over the rocks and multiple boats and jetskis anchored close by. Those who enjoy adrenaline may choose to cool off by jump off the cliffs into the water below! There is no doubt that The Pillars is certainly worthy of being one of the best beaches on the Mornington Peninsula, regardless that there is no actual beach there!

Mount Martha The Pillars _ Best Beaches on the Mornington Peninsula

Cape Schanck Rockpools

Whilst Cape Schanck may not be your typical beach, you need to witness the surreal prehistoric-looking landscape. A lengthy stairway winds down a barren outcrop with the roaring ocean to either side. Make sure you visit at low tide so that you can begin searching for rockpools at the bottom. Scattered all over are large holes within the jet black rocks that make for the perfect swimming holes. Thanks to the summer sun, these private plunge pools are even solar heated. Nearby there is also a picturesque beach if you need to get your sand fix.

Cape Schanck Rockpools _ Best Beaches

Point King

Melbournes Millionaires Row at Point King in Portsea is home to many massive beachfront properties. It’s no surprise that the beach in front of them is one of the best around. Honestly, you will need to pinch yourself over the colour of the water. Think 50 shades of blue! Blissfully secluded with incredibly coloured water, Point King is one heavenly beach. There are several private beach boxes and jetties here adding to the exclusive vibes. One jetty even has its own sea pool! Hanging out here for the afternoon is the perfect vantage point to spot the Queenscliff-Sorrento ferry crossing the heads. Once you are done with the beach there is a walk along the clifftop called Millionaires Walk that takes you past many of the ritzy properties.

Point King - Best Beaches Mornington Peninsula

Mount Martha Beach South

Mount Martha Beach South is for sure one of the best beaches on the Mornington Peninsula. A long time favourite of locals and holidaymakers to the Peninsula would have to be Mount Martha Beach South. When you think of picture-perfect Aussie beaches. This is it. A huge length of golden sand lined with a seemingly neverending amount of private beach boxes. Many of which with unique designs or stunning colour schemes. The water itself is the perfect temperature (in summer) and is almost always super calm. Roughly 10m out to sea is a large sandbank making for an awesome spot to hang out!

Mount Martha Beach South - The Best Beaches on the Mornington Peninsula

If you are visiting the Mornington Peninsula, make sure to check out our 13 Instagrammable Spots on the Mornington Peninsula. There are some seriously photogenic places around here just begging to be snapped!


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