The Balconies a.k.a The Jaws of Death – The Grampians, Victoria, Australia

If you search the Grampians on Instagram, one of the most common photos will be of the Balconies, or as it was formerly known ‘The Jaws of Death’. We think the Jaws of Death is a much more appropriate name because it really does resemble the jaws of a T-Rex Dinosaur.  This spectacular viewpoint is seriously amazing and insane for sunrise, sunset or any time in-between!

The Balconies Jaws of Death

How to get to the Balconies

The Balconies are located just 12 km-20 minutes, drive uphill from Halls Gap. You will see a sign to Reeds Lookout/The Balconies. This takes you to a carpark at Reeds Lookout.

The Balconies are then a short 2km walk along a prepared gravel track that is mostly flat.


What to know about the Balconies

The Balconies are an amazing rock formation consisting of two platforms stretching out over the valley. From here you have insane views of the valley and mountain ranges.

To reach the Balconies you must park at Reeds Lookout, so you may as well check out that view first. Next, you’ll have a short 2km stroll setting the tone for the area. You will walk through lush greenery, often having glimpses of nearby mountain ranges and unique rock formations. One to stop at on the way is the giant mushroom-shaped one with a flat-top, perfect for sitting on for a photo op!

You’ll know when you reach the Balconies because the track gets surrounded by a fence. In a world of political correctness, the Jaws of Death was renamed to prevent tourists walking out onto the rocky cantilevered ledge. Subsequently a waist-high fence was erected to create a viewpoint of the balconies, however as you can imagine, it’s not exactly the greatest deterrent. Please don’t risk your life for a selfie. Please don’t risk your life for a photo and stay to the trails.

Just remember that if you are coming for sunrise or sunset to bring a torch! Although it’s an easy walk along a well-formed gravel track, it can be very dark due to all the vegetation.

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The Balconies in the Grampians


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