Eli Creek on Fraser Island, Queensland, Australia

Two simple things to ensure you have fun for hours: a creek and a floating ring. It adds to the appeal when the location of said creek is as picturesque as Eli Creek found on Fraser Island!

Eli Creek - Fraser Island

How to get to Eli Creek on Fraser Island

Whether you’re on a tour or driving yourself, you would be mad not to visit Eli Creek. After-all it is right on the main road (and by road we mean the 75-mile-long beach stretching the Eastern side of the island).

It’s an easy sandy drive about 5km north of Happy Valley (yes that’s a real town name!) You won’t miss it because you’ll usually see a lot of people set up on the banks of the river the spans the beach into the ocean, that and you literally have to drive over some of its flow if you want to go further.

We suggest you also download offline Google Maps of Fraser Island before you go as it has all the points of interest of Fraser Island and the tracks so that you can use your GPS as normal without phone reception. If you made it onto Fraser Island with your vehicle this drive will be no worries at all.

What to know about Eli Creek

This incredible freshwater creek pours over 4 million litres out to sea EVERY HOUR! That’s over 80 million litres a day of pure drinkable water! Even more incredible is that it’s said to be the purest water on earth, filtering through the sand dunes for over 100 years before reaching the creek! It’s hard to imagine but it may be even clearer than the idyllic Lake McKenzie! To add to the charm, you have an abundance of flora and fauna in the surrounds. It’s no wonder everybody flocks here to float down the river over and over.

This place is super popular with everyone from backpackers to families and kids looking to cool off and relax on a hot day, or any day for that matter. Although we arrived at sunrise one morning and were the only people there for a few hours! By lunchtime there were about one hundred cars and beach tents spread out, with many spending their time floating the river with a drink in hand. There’s so much room that even with so many people it didn’t actually feel too crowded.

Where to stay on Fraser Island?

To save you the serious struggles of searching for the best accommodation options on Fraser Island, we have compiled a list of them for you.

Kingfisher Bay Resort

This internationally renowned hotel was actually visited by Prince Harry and Megan  when they came to Fraser Island. This luxurious rainforest retreat has 152 rooms with large private decks overlooking sea, bush or lakes.

Eurong Beach Resort

If the Kingfisher is out of your price range, the Eurong Beach Resort offers similar facilities right on 75 Mile Beach. It is also relatively close to many attractions. It’s the perfect comfortable base for seeing the entire island.

Cathedrals on Fraser

For the true authentic ‘camping experience’ on Fraser Island, look no further than the Cathedrals. With options from 1-3 Bedroom cabins, 1-2 Bedroom Permanent Canvas tents, or campsites for your own gear – you’ll be sure to find something for you!

If you haven’t already we highly recommend you check out our Ultimate Fraser Island Guide.


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