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Tugu Hotel Bali is a luxury hotel experience like no other, one feels as if they have time-travelled into the distant past. Although located in thriving Canggu, you would hardly know as you become so far removed from the hustle and bustle of outside. From the moment you set foot into Tugu Hotel, you know that you are in for a real treat.

The luxury collection of boutique Tugu Hotels is renowned in the region as just as much a museum experience as a luxurious oasis escape. The founder, Anhar Setjadibrata, once medical student turned lawyer, is the owner of the largest collection of Indonesian antiquities in South East Asia, with his hotels as his galleries. His immense passion for preserving tradition has led to perhaps one of the most fascinating hotels in the world. Where he yearns to share with the world the romantic stories and legends of ancient kingdoms of Indonesia.

In a world of constant modernisation, Tugu Hotel is a unique and refreshing experience that truly puts to rest any stereotypes that newer is always better.

Ollie making offerings - Tugu Hotel Bali - Live Life and Roam (1 of 1)

Tugu Hotel Bali – Canggu

The secrets out! Canggu, once a quiet fisherman village, has become the place to visit if coming to Bali. Surrounded by rice fields, fronted by a fantastic surf beach, quirky cafes, upmarket stores, trendy restaurants and cool beach bars. Tugu Hotel lies right on Batu Bolong Beach and several rooms look directly over the world-famous ocean strip.

All suites offer extraordinary luxurious bathrooms with uniquely enticing bathtubs. Whilst many feature private plunge pools outside. But what all rooms share in common is the amazing attention to detail of preserving time and utilising charming antique and vintage components wherever you look. With just 22 suites in total, you are guaranteed an intimate experience, lacking from so many hotels. Whilst so many hotels try to be the biggest with all the latest and greatest, Tugu does the opposite. And it works!

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The romanticism of days gone by is everywhere you look, from the expansive entrance lobby to the exquisite gardens and ponds to the original 1700’s temple now home to part of the Tugu Hotel dining experience.

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Inside Our Dedari Suite

Our suite was essentially a villa, surrounded by authentic stone walls with a traditional Balinese wooden gate entrance. Upon stepping inside we were greeted by a tranquil garden and large pond wrapping around our villa walls. Even better, it was full of vibrant Koi fish. A huge thrill to Ollie who immediately wanted to be put down to stare at them! Walking towards the door along the stone cobbled path we immediately fell in love with the rustic wooden doorbell. Which brings us to the keychain. A large carved wooden dagger, the perfect entry device to your own time travel portal.

Entrance to our suite - Tugu Hotel Bali - Live Life and Roam (1 of 1)

Keychain Dedari Suite - Tugu Hotel Bali - Live Life and Roam (1 of 1)


Opening up the door we were presented with an impressive sight. An enormous carved wooden four poster bed looking out to our own private courtyard. Complete with a garden, pool and large hanging outdoor daybed. And Master Oliver wasn’t forgotten, even his wooden cot resembled an antique and ancient prince could have slept in.  Of course, the room was adorned with beautiful artworks and furniture. All of which were heavy enough or out of Ollie’s reach, which was a relief when you have an extremely active toddler! There was also a TV, however, covered with a white sheet so as to try to remove that feeling of modernity.

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What impressed us most however was the indoor/outdoor bathroom. A large stone tub full of flowers beckoned to us to jump in. Whilst the smell of incense and the romanticism of burning candles filled the air. At the end of the tub, we could see the koi pond that we first saw upon entering the suite. However, for the full experience, you can open up the double doors above the tub and feel like you are within the garden! This was truly romantic here and we can admit we had more than a few baths on our two night stay!!

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Private Pool

In our Dedari Suite, we honestly felt like kings and queens walking amongst ancient history. To be able to walk out of your room straight into our pool was absolute heaven whilst the tropical garden instantly relaxed you. A constant theme as we walked around the entire property.

Ollie and Paige in our pool - Tugu Hotel Bali - Live Life and Roam (1 of 1)

The Experience

The first thing we noticed upon arriving at Tugu was the use of dim lighting to dramatically increase the emotional feelings of the history being held there. Of which was everywhere you looked. Honestly, the massive carved garuda bird statue seemingly guarding the lobby is seriously impressive. Additionally, there are entire rooms free to view holding some of the rarer parts of Anhar’s collection. We loved having a tour of the property because we were able to learn so much about the artifacts.

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Check-in was an absolute delight, with a handmade offering being given to Paige and us being adorned with frangipani flowers. Then we were asked what welcome drink we would like. Yep, none of the “here is a sweet random drink that you probably won’t like”. Of course, being sleep-deprived parents we chose ice coffees! All the staff were genuinely friendly and interested to chat to us and encouraged Ollie to get up and explore the new territory.

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It was then after exploring the entire hotel that we completely understood and fell for the charm of Tugu. Small cobbled paths wound through the hotel between manicured gardens, pools, streams, ponds and traditional housing. You’d stumble upon intimate tucked away areas complete with romantic seating. There’s even a raised pavilion with a daybed, perfect for lounging around with a book. And once you’ve explored the grounds, theres always the main pool to laze around by.

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Main Pool - Tugu Hotel Bali - Live Life and Roam (1 of 1)

Dining at Tugu Hotel Bali

Dining at Tugu is an experience in itself and they employ a completely new approach to the usual hotel.


Hotel Tugu Bali does breakfast as it should be, complimentary and whenever and wherever you want! Yep, you’ve woken up at 2 pm after a big night – order your breakfast to your room. Woken up at 6 am because of your crying baby – why not take your breakfast on the rooftop and watch the sunrise? Seriously they will let you have your breakfast anywhere in the hotel including the museum or in any of the cool nooks and crannies you may find on the property. We chose a private cabana overlooking the pool and loved it! Breakfast is a la carte, meaning you can order from a huge range of items on their menu – from east to west.

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Afternoon Tea

At Hotel Tugu Bali you are also offered to take up complimentary high tea. Again wherever you like on the property. We took ours in our suite as Oliver was taking a nap. Branching out from the typical high tea, we both opted for a coffee. Paired alongside our drinks was a selection of small bites that were all delicious and tied us over until dinner time.

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There are also a few amazing restaurants as part of the Tugu Hotel including some of the best Japanese and Indonesian on the island. They also are able to organise a whole host of ‘special’ dining experiences including a king and queen banquet or dinner in a 1700’s temple!

How Kid-Friendly is Tugu Hotel Bali

Ok, so whilst there is no kid’s club like other places, at Tugu Hotel it’s not necessary. Babysitters can be arranged if need-be however the staff absolutely LOVE kids! Seriously, during check-in, we didn’t see Ollie for a good half hour as he was scooped up by a grinning staff member who had him banging out a tune on a very large, old-looking traditional xylophone! Although it was a hotel full of artifacts and antiques, Ollie was welcomed with open arms and encouraged to explore.

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By having our own private suite and pool we could easily jump in and out of the pool. Ollie really enjoyed playing on the pool steps and in the bath. There was also a floatie hanging around the main pool that could be used. If you have a few kids, Tugu Hotel has a family room type available.

Tugu Hotel Bali also has the whole suite of baby essentials such as cots and highchairs. They can also organise a whole range of tours, activities and classes. Albeit the classes were slightly out of Ollie’s capabilities just yet! Although we saw they have Balinese dance performances which he would have loved to see!!

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Book Your Stay at Tugu Hotel Bali

Address: Pantai Canggu, Jl. Pantai Batu Bolong, Canggu, Kec. Kuta Utara, Kabupaten Badung, Bali 80361, Indonesia

Dedari Suites start at approximately IDR 5,200,000 room, per night. Enquire now!

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Disclosure: This post was created in partnership with Tugu Hotel Bali. As always, all the reviews and opinions expressed are based on our personal view and experience.


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