Best Places To Eat In Bali With Kids (Or Without!)

These are all our top picks as the best places to eat in Bali with kids! We had such an amazing time while in Bali and one of the main highlights was the food!  We wanted to share with you our favourite places to eat with baby Ollie whilst in the Canggu/Seminyak area of Bali

It’s not always easy when it comes to babies, toddlers or kids and their food, especially when overseas. They can be picky at the best of times or annoying the pants off you while you are trying to order food or do anything because they are bored. Here are the places we found Ollie had the most fun at, really enjoyed the food or both!

Ollie Penny Lane - Live Life and Roam

Eating Out In Bali With Kids

Cafe Organic

Cafe Organic in Canggu was our first food spot once arriving in Bali. We have actually been here in our pre-baby days and were excited to come back and feast on their amazing healthy vegan food and drinks. As always our eyes and taste buds were treated! We got to taste things like the roasted pumpkin toast, the nutrition bowl, matcha pancakes and loads more. Ollie loved all of the food and especially his smoothie. The cafe has cool wall art, a fabulous beach vibe and don’t even get us started with how nice the staff were to Ollie. They played with him for ages and even wanted to do photoshoots with him.

We also visited their Seminyak location and loved our experience there. They went out of their way to make Ollie his very own baby smoothie. Also hot tip: We got to the banoffee pie and it was honestly the best thing we have eaten in terms of desserts!

Cafe Organic - Best places to eat with kids in Bali

Strawberry Fields

Strawberry Fields is by far James favourite food spot in Bali so it was only fair that we visited on his birthday. The vibe is super tranquil with plants decorating the place from head to toe. To be totally honest it would have to be one of Bali’s best burger locations, so of course, we had to try as many as possible and a few delicious sides. We tried the Oporto Escondido, the belieber, the buttermilk fried chicken burger. All ties together with some yummy Mac and cheese ball and buttermilk chicken p

Penny Lane

This new hotspot is an up-and-coming Instagrammers paradise. However, don’t be scared off by its short life span as it shares owners with the amazing strawberry fields! We thought the fusion between Moroccan design and inspirational music artists was super creative. Every inch of the place is photo-worthy and the food was to die for. We tried the loaded fries, Mediterranean stuffed peppers, Crispy gnocchi, Mykonos salad and the amazing crazy shakes. We loved that the place was massive with room for Ollie to run around and explore!  they even had a grassed area that he made great use of.


Ling-Lings is another place we had visited before, while I was pregnant actually. I remember James and I saying that we wanted to bring our waitress home with us to be our live-in nanny because she was so fun and happy. she seemed like she would be perfect with kids. What do you know, upon returning with Ollie we realised everyone that worked here was like that. To be honest we didn’t see Ollie most of the time because he was being entertained by all different staff members. When they tried to return him he would cry and want to go back with them. On top of that the food here is amazing they do a super cool Asian/ Mexican fusion and they do it well! We would recommend the cheeseburger spring rolls, all of the bao options and pretty much anything on the menu.

Ling Lings Best Places to eat with kids in Bali - Live Life and RoamLing Lints Best Places to eat with kids in Bali - Live Life and Roam


Shooters is actually right next door to Ling-Lings and it is owned by the same people. It’s definitely a place to take the kids as it’s mega fun! Everything is built around a carnival theme. They have mini golf, ping pong, giant Jenga and connect four. Ollie loved the carnival food! We sampled a burger, hot dog, corn dog, pizza, loaded potato gem’s and enjoyed all of them. James even had a sneaky cocktail and loved it.

Shooters - Best Places to Eat with Kids in Bali - Live Life and Roam

Coffee Cartel

Coffee Cartel is a super relaxed cafe spot with photogenic walls everywhere. The staff were super friendly and helpful with Ollie. We loved our fresh juices way too much. James is the biggest meat lover and got a jackfruit burger and thought it was delicious. Ollie and I shared the roasted pumpkin salad with grilled chicken. Of course, we had to get coffees so that we could make use of their insane printer that prints pictures in your coffee! It’s crazy you can airdrop them anything and they will print it out for you within the foam! We picked a cute photo of Ollie and our Insta name and they turned out absolutely perfect!!


Where to even start with marigold? The place was amazing it had a cute little grasses area lined with marigolds flowers overlooking rice fields, lush! And the inside made you feel relaxed also seemed like a good spot to bring a laptop and get some work done. They had a super cool kids playground with an arts and craft corner that one of the beautiful staff made great use of play and distracting Ollie so we could order. We definitely enjoyed the food and they had such a great kids menu. Best of all they even gave Ollie his own plastic kids cutlery and cup.

Marigold Canggu - Best places to eat in bali with kids - Live Life and RoamMarigold Breakfast - Live Life and Roam

Duck Duck Goose

We randomly discovered this restaurant while walking to drop off our washing one day and we’re glad we did. The place had some beautiful food and a knock out banana smoothie. We liked it so much we went back again two days later. We order the crispy duck and baba guling. To be honest Ollie liked the duck so much we hadn’t thought it was possible for him to feast like he did. The staff loved meeting Ollie and even remembered him by name the next time we went back.

Duck Duck Goose - Best places to eat bali

Milk and Madu

We loved having breakfast here. The iced lattes with coconut milk were amazing and the quality of food was a standout! almost as much as the playground and kids activities. We Would suggest kids under 3 to be monitored by a parent. They even had someone painting faces! We loved our super fluffy pancakes and corn fritters.

Milk & Madu Playground

DKM Dapoer Krismanika

Now we never actually went to this place to dine in however we did order delivery from here multiple times, probably more than 6 times. The food was amazing and delicious, large portions and super super cheap around $1.50 per dish. We know this is a blog about the best places to eat with kids in Bali however it’s not every meal that we would make it out of the house. So when times like these arose this was our go to place. We usually ordered Nasi Goreng, Cap Cay and the Kwetiaw noodles. Be on the look out the dishes are not spicy, however  some dishes have sneaky little green chillies that packed a huge punch. We had to pick these out before serving Ollie.


Image Credit: Tech in Asia

None of these are in order of best to worst, we loved all of these places for loads of different reasons. They are definitely all worthy contenders to have in our best places to eat in Bali with kids.  as they were all places Ollie actually gladly ate his meal whilst having fun!

We hope this helps you with some wonderful kid-friendly and delicious spots to dine at whilst in Bali. We also can’t wait to visit Bali again soon and try more places to share with you and add to this list!

If you are travelling to Bali with a toddler make sure to also check out our guide post!

The Best Places to Eat in Bali with or without kids



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