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Le Grand Galle x Live Life and Roam (43 of 80)

G’day! We’re James (28), Paige (25) and Oliver (2), a family of adventurers, creators and thrill-seekers – with the odd naptime thrown in! We’ve travelled the world solo, as a couple and now as a family – across all levels of travel from backpackers to 7-star luxury. We have a yearning desire, an inextinguishable passion to explore every part of this amazing world we call home. Whether that be sightseeing, island hopping, taste testing, culture investigating, adrenaline chasing or simply taking it all in.

We want to show you that having kids shouldn’t limit you to your hometown. You certainly can and definitely should be getting out and exploring every corner of this earth possible. We promise! We’ve even travelled the likes of Sri Lanka and the Philippines with Ollie when he was just 1. So rest assured we have all of the information you are going to need when it comes to planning a trip away with little ones, whether at home or abroad.

Our mission is to share real and relatable content that will hopefully inspire you to make family travel a reality and not just a pipe dream. You’ll not only learn about the best properties & destinations in the world but all our travel tips and tricks. So what are you waiting for, get out there and Live Life and Roam!

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