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About Us

Hey, we’re Life Life and Roam, which we’re guessing you already know. We want to provide everyone with the opportunity to glimpse the world through the eyes of an adventurer, and hopefully help you to pursue your own adventures.  We began documenting as Live Life and Roam in early 2018 and often question why we never began earlier, but here we are now – sharing our story about travelling as a family.

Live Life and Roam (a.k.a James, Paige & Oliver)

James Paige Oliver - Live Life and Roam

We have a yearning desire, an inextinguishable passion to explore every part of this amazing world we call home. Whether that be sightseeing, thrill-seeking, island hopping, taste testing, culture investigating or any other number of the thrills that may come from travel.

We’re going to provide our best tips and methods for making a life of travel a reality, and not just a pipe dream, as well as our favourite tidbits about every destination we visit! So what are you waiting for, get out there and live life and roam!

Keep scrolling to get to know us a little more personally and to find out our own travel passions ignited.

James, Paige & Oliver - About Us - Live Life and Roam


27 years young Australian who’s tallied up over 30 countries.

My travel obsession started like many other Aussies, with a trip to Bali. At 13 years of age, my family and I went on a life-changing vacation. On our last night,t we got caught up in a series of bombings that saw the restaurant we were dining at blow up. If we hadn’t skipped on paying the cheque (due to insanely slow service – obviously intended on keeping us there to blow up) this would definitely be a different tale. Anyway… it was this moment that instilled in me the need to live life to the absolute fullest and not let anybody or anything stand in your way. You only live once, but if you do it right that should be enough!

Fast forward to being 18, I set off on my first solo south-east Asia backpacking adventure. I broke out my shell and became unstoppable and knew I had to do a longer trip. So I went home and saved saved saved until I had enough to book a one-way flight to Thailand with the intention of going with the flow. I didn’t get very far at all because the very first place I stopped I ended up staying over six months running a bar and hostel on Phi Phi island! In this time a mate and I turned a rundown hostel into one of if not the best party hostel in all of Asia.

After travelling much of Asia, I branched out and this time booked a one-way flight to Canada and ended up living and working in the ski resort town of Whistler. Snowboarding, partying and working this was the epitome of living the dream. This allowed me to save enough to backpack Central America with a bunch of mates met in Whistler.

Work work work, and then work some more and I finally saved enough do one of those once in a lifetime trips. Sail Croatia, festivals and most of the countries in Europe with an awesome group of friends.

Sprinkle a lot of other random destinations in amongst this and you have my story. Well, I’ve also got a double degree in Law and Commerce along the way studying whilst travelling and doing exams in countries all over the world!


25 Years young Aussie only just beginning her travel escapades!

When I met James, I only had one country under my belt and was in awe of all his travel tales. A few years prior I had been to Fiji but apart from that was a clean slate ready to travel the world.

Fast forward to now and James, Ollie and I have already been to New Zealand, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam and Sri Lanka!

I hope James likes retravelling all of the places he’s already been because I want to tick off every country in the world too!!!