20 Instagrammable Spots in Tasmania – The Ultimate Guide

So you’re heading to Tassie, this guide will give you the low-down on the most Instagrammable spots in Tasmania that you need to check out! From pristine beaches to rugged snowy mountains, Tasmania is a conglomeration of all of the best parts of nature in one state sized island. We visited all of these spots and loved them all, and best of all they are all completely free!

Ronny Creek, Cradle Mountain

The Ronny Creek walk is a gentle boardwalk through the buttongrass covered valley, surrounded by snow-capped rugged mountains. This is a great introductory walk to Cradle Mountain, which is home to several significantly longer and harder walks. The great thing about Ronny Creek though is you have a super high likelihood of spotting a wombat!

Ronny Creek - Instagrammable Spots in Tasmania - Live Life and Roam

Mersey Bluff Lighthouse, Devonport

This is the perfect first stop if arriving in Devonport aboard Spirit of Tasmania. This striking candy cane resembling lighthouse is just a ten-minute drive from where you get off the ship and a great spot to watch the sunrise.

Mersey Bluff Lighthouse- Instagrammable Spots in Tasmania - Live Life and Roam

Derwent Sailing Squadron Marina, Hobart

Right near the Wrest Point Casino, the Derwent Sailing Squadron Marina is full of stunning sailboats. We had intended to watch the sunrise at the top of Mount Wellington, but due to the road being closed, we rushed here and were not disappointed!

Derwent Sailing Squadron Marina - Instagrammable Spots in Tasmania - Live Life and Roam

Little Blue Lake, South Mount Cameron

This was a little bit out of the way, but well worth the slight detour when heading to the East Coast! An old quarry, now filled with water, it is a vibrant blue-green thanks to the minerals left behind! Although you can’t swim here, it’s an awesome spot to chill out and have a picnic!

Little Blue Lake - Instagrammable Spots in Tasmania - Live Life and Roam

Richmond Bridge, Richmond

Australia’s oldest stone bridge dating back to 1823. It’s also super interesting in the fact that it was built entirely with convict labour! It’s still in use today and a great place to admire the old Aussie history.

Richmond Bridge - Instagrammable Spots in Tasmania - Live Life and Roam

Salamanca Place, Hobart

Famed for its popular outdoor markets, the largest in Australia. Salamanca Place is Tasmania’s most visited tourist attraction. A strip of heritage buildings dating back to the early 1800s this place oozes olden day charm. There’s also a prime view of the enormous Mount Wellington that is often snow-capped throughout winter.

 Salamanca Place - Instagrammable Spots in Tasmania - Live Life and Roam

Dove Lake, Cradle Mountain

Possibly the most photographed boat shed in the world, it’s no wonder to see why. Dove Lake is a gentle walk at the base of Cradle Mountain and has loads of epic photo spots. We visited in winter which definitely added to the charm and ruggedness of the region!

Dove Lake - Instagrammable Spots in Tasmania - Live Life and Roam

Franklin Wharf, Hobart

Another great opportunity for an Insta worthy snap is at Franklin Wharf, the main waterfront region of Hobart. You’ll find great cafes and restaurants overlooking the water and lots of colourful colonial buildings.

Franklin Wharf - Instagrammable Spots in Tasmania - Live Life and Roam

Cosy Corner North, Binalong Bay, Bay of Fires

Bay of Fires is a large region of eastern Tasmania where the rocks are covered by bright coloured lichen! Whilst many think the name of the region comes from the rocks. It actually comes from the many fires that were spotted on land when the original settlers passed by. The vibrant orange makes for an epic contrast against the super clear turquoise water. Although there’s plenty of spots that have the rocks, we found Cosy Corner North to have a huge amount and in super cool formations. We wish we could’ve been here in summer because the beaches are absolutely pristine!

Cosy Corner North - Instagrammable Spots in Tasmania - Live Life and Roam

Honeymoon Bay, Freycinet National Park

Honeymoon Bay is often missed by people visiting Freycinet, big mistake. It is an idyllic tiny beach with the most insane coloured water with insane views of the steep and wild trio of mountains known as the Hazards. You can even walk around the coastline a little bit to find your own private section of beach.

Honeymoon Bay - Instagrammable Spots in Tasmania - Live Life and Roam

Tesselated Pavement, Eaglehawk Neck

Tessellated Pavement is a unique natural phenomenon only found in a handful of spots on earth. It seriously resembles something made by aliens and there are lots of conspiracy theorists. Apparently, it’s not quite as fascinating (unless you’re a geologist) but rather an occurrence of the saltwater degrading the rocks in geometric patterns.

Tesalated Pavement - Instagrammable Spots in Tasmania - Live Life and Roam

Russell Falls, Mount Field National Park

Although the entire Mount Field National Park features some of the most instagrammable natural spots in Tasmania, Russell Falls is one of the best! A short easy 20 minute walk for all ages and fitness levels, you stroll through the lush fern forest, alongside a stream until you come to the dramatic tiered Russell Falls.

Russell Falls - Instagrammable Spots in Tasmania - Live Life and Roam

The Hazards View, Coles Bay

When visiting Freycinet, make sure you take in the epic view of Mount Amos and the hazards from across Coles Bay. We were staying in Coles Bay town and wanted to shoot somewhere for sunset so just drove around the coastal road, found a cool spot and got out the camera! There’s also some of the bright orange rocks that you’ll find at the Bay of Fires.

The Hazards - Instagrammable Spots in Tasmania - Live Life and Roam

The Neck, Bruny Island

If visiting Tasmania, make sure to check out nearby Bruny Island. There’s a dramatic viewpoint known as The Neck which overlooks the spit of land separating North and South Bruny Island. This viewpoint is super popular so try and get up there early to avoid the crowds, you’ll also hopefully get some nice sunrise lighting! Its a short but steep climb up a flight of stairs, but totally worth it.

The Neck - Instagrammable Spots in Tasmania - Live Life and Roam

Wineglass Bay Lookout, Freycinet National Park

Wineglass Bay is the jewel in Tassie’s natural crown, and definitely worth a mention for our Instagrammable spots in Tasmania list! It is located in Freycinet National Park and there are various walks you can take. The shorter wineglass bay lookout is a 40 minute or so easyish walk. Whilst the Mount Amos summit climb is reserved for the serious hikers, consisting of various sections of steep slippery rock you must climb. Seriously we walk lots and got about halfway before it got super treacherous and decided there was no way we could continue. But we did get this insane view! Although if your fit, able and not carrying a baby on your back, the summit would be totally worth trying to reach!

Wineglass Bay Lookout - Instagrammable Spots in Tasmania - Live Life and Roam

The Lonely Tree, Binalong Bay, Bay of Fires

Amongst the bright lichen rocks of the Bay of Fires, you’ll find a photographers dream. A lone tree growing from the rocks. Head to the Skeleton Bay Reserve, walk along the grassed area, through the hidden track in the bushes and you’ll pop out here. It’s an idyllic private beach and perfect for exploring. Search Bay of Fires on Instagram and you’ll find hundreds of variations of shots on this one tree!

Lonely Tree - Instagrammable Spots in Tasmania - Live Life and Roam

Although we didn’t get to these spots, we know you’ll be able to also get some great shots at these amazingly Instagrammable spots in Tasmania!

Kitchen Hut, Cradle Mountain

This highly instagrammable hut is actually an emergency shelter on Cradle Mountain for hikers should the weather turn ugly. It’s up near the summit and a decent 1.5 hour walk from Dove Lake. Be aware in winter that the weather can turn in an instant and to be thoroughly prepared should you wish to climb the summit.

Kitchen Hut - @scottedgertontasadventure


Mount Wellington, Hobart

Well, we sort of got up Mount Wellington, but not quite. We drove up for sunrise and got halfway up before unfortunately coming to a closed gate due to icy roads. From the pictures we have seen though you get an insane view over Hobart and the bay, as far as the Tasman peninsula.

I hope you enjoy the beautiful picturesque Tasmania! There are so many photo opportunities and so many amazing instagrammable spots to discover! Make sure you check out my 2 week Tasmania Road Trip for a more detailed guide.

Mount Wellington @tscharke


Horseshoe Falls, Mount Field National Park

Just a short walk onwards from Russell Falls you will find Horseshoe Falls. Another super cool waterfall surrounded by lush rainforest.

Horseshoe Falls @quietachiever


Pumphouse Point, Lake St Clair

Pumphouse Point is actually now a superduper luxury hotel, however you can still head over and check out the old pumphouse building and pier located on Lake St Clair.
Pumphouse Point @ninahamiltonphotography

With this list you are going to definitely going to capture most of the instagrammable spots in Tasmania, although this is just a start point and there are too many gorgeous spots to put in one list. So get out there, explore and discover why Tasmania is such a nature lovers paradise! If you are looking into visiting Tasmania with Spirit of Tasmania, be sure to check out our ultimate guide!

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